Who should take Lucid Wellness supplements?

Lucid Hearing and Lucid Hearing PM are for anyone who wants to improve their hearing and for those who experience tinnitus (that annoying ear ringing). Lucid Vision is for those who want to improve their vision and especially for those who are on screens often and worry about the effects of digital blue light on their eye health.

Are Lucid Wellness products FDA approved?

All of the ingredients used in Lucid supplements are considered GRAS or Generally Regarded as Safe, by the FDA. The FDA does not approve dietary supplements because they are regarded as a food product.

When will I start feeling something?

Lucid supplements are not a quick fix but are designed to work over time, so you may begin to notice some improvements within 30-60 days. Give your body a chance to adjust to these supernutrients that have been shown in clinical studies to support your vision and hearing.

Are there any side effects I should be worried about?

We recommend taking Lucid supplements with food to prevent any digestive discomfort that might occur for a small segment of the population.

Why do I need to take food with my capsules? (for nausea or absorption?)

It's always best to take your Lucid supplements with food for better absorption and reduced chances of digestive discomfort.

Can I crush up the capsules?

While you can crush up Lucid Wellness pills, they are designed to be taken as a whole capsule with water.

Are your supplements vegetarian?

Yes! All of our products are vegetarian supplements.

What kind of testing do you do on your supplements?

Lucid Wellness conducts third party testing on every single run to verify safety and potency.

All Lucid products are made in a FDA-registered facility.

Shipping & Returns

What is your return policy?

We honor a 365-day guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, you have up to a year to return it for a refund.

How do I process a return?

Email customer service at lucidwellnessorders@lucidaudio.com. Our customer service team will provide you with the proper form and steps for returning your order. Once we receive the product back, a credit will be generated.

How do I cancel my order?

Email lucidwellnessorders@lucidaudio.com with your name and order number. If the product has not already shipped, your order will be canceled and refunded. If the product has shipped, you can refuse the item and have it returned to the shipper. Once back at our warehouse, a credit will be generated.

How do I send back my empty bottle for your money-back guarantee?

If our supplement wasn't the most effective you've tried, simply follow the instructions for processing a return! If the return is within 365 of your purchase, we will fully refund your purchase.