• Lucid Ear Wax Removal Kit (.5 oz)

Lucid Ear Wax Removal Kit (.5 oz)

The Product

Our team has crafted a solution to safely dissolve and flush earwax buildup. Lucid Wellness's Earwax Removal Kit provides a fast-acting, natural method for removing excess earwax and preventing future blockages. To use, place 5-10 drops into your ear as needed. The drops will begin to foam, softening the buildup. Once broken down, your earwax will start to drain naturally. Use the soft rubber bulb syringe to remove drainage. This simple process will counteract painful ear-blockage symptoms, and with routine use every week or few weeks, will help prevent future blockages.

What's In It?

At Lucid Wellness, we're committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients. Our Earwax Removal Drops consist of many essential ingredients to gently dissolve buildup and leave you feeling refreshed.

Glycerin: Often used to ease pain, swelling, and ear pressure while aiding in softening ear wax.

Polysorbate 20: Used in several pharmacological applications, it acts as an emulsifier in our formula.

Propylene glycol: Classified as a diol, it’s used as a skin-conditioning agent. We packaged these ingredients into ready-to-go drops to help soften and rid earwax using our soft, rubber bulb syringe.

6.5% CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE: Specifically used to treat earwax buildup, Carbamide Peroxide, also known as urea-hydrogen peroxide, is a water-soluble, white crystalline solid compound that consists of hydrogen peroxide and urea. Acting as an earwax removal agent, Carbamide Peroxide releases oxygen upon administration into the ear. This action causes foaming, which ultimately helps soften and remove excessive earwax buildup using a safe earwax removal tool.

What Causes Earwax To Build Up?

Earwax is naturally occurring and serves both to protect and clean our ears. But sometimes excess wax can build up, causing a blockage in your ear canal. This can happen due to overproduction of wax or due to the use of cotton swabs, which often push wax deeper into the ear, rather than removing it. Over time this may result in a complete blockage. Hearing aids, swimming plugs, and swim molds can have a similar effect if used repeatedly.

An occasional dosage of our gentle Carbamide Peroxide drops will immediately start working to soften and remove earwax as it cleans your ear, leaving you feeling refreshed and unplugged. Use as needed to remove buildup and continue to apply every week or few weeks to prevent painful ear blockage from reoccurring.

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